K and r Reproductive Strategies. In the equations describing growth of populations of organisms, r represents the slope of the line representing exponential growth. The letter K represents the carrying capacity of a habitat for members of a given sort of organism.


b. are more responsive to environmental changes than r-strategists. Which of the following best describes the survivorship curve you would expect to find for a  

It is not surprising that many organisms cannot be categorized neatly into this r … 2009-11-11 2005-01-01 Curves And Reproductive Survivorship Essay Strategies. Graph 3 shows the relationship between density and net reproductive rate, illustrating an almost perfect negative correlation between the two variables Survivorship curves show the distribution of individuals in a population according to age. Many r-selected species tend to be opportunists, meaning that they reproduce and disperse rapidly when conditions are favorable or when a disturbance opens up a new habitat or niche for invasion. This could occur in the early stages of ecological succession.

R strategist survivorship curve

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Look at the survivorship curves below and describe a species that would fit each of the curves. A survivorship curve is basically a graph that shows the number of individuals of a species or a particular group that survive at each age. In simpler words, it traces the decline of a group of individuals over time. Survivorship curves help us to determine various evolutionary strategies of different species.

Which connections would likely occur among population cycles, survival strategies, and survivorship curves? A)boom-and-bust; r-strategist; early loss B)stable; K-strategist; early loss C)stable; r-strategist; early loss D)boom-and-bust; K-strategist; early loss. Q 35.

The success and survivorship of individuals is closely linked to the pack because multiple animals contributing to the survival of both pack members throughout life. Survivorship curves for three species.

Jan 7, 2016 The Type I Survivorship Curve represents K-Strategists and reflects a high, stable number of surviving individuals though younger ages and then 

R strategist survivorship curve

Survivorship Curves Survivorship curves are graphed curves that depict a species’ ability to survive adversity, depending on where they are in their life, ranging from birth to old age. For animals there are three types, Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3. Type 1 curves are the more typical of populations in which most mortality occurs among the Survivorship curves and r and k strategists: K-strategists are slow growing and produce few, large offspring that mature slowly. R-strategists, slow and mature quickly and produce many, small offspring.

• K-selected species are used to stable habitats while r- selected are used to chaotic ones. • r-selected is better at rebounding after a habitat disturbance.
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Page 26. Survivorship Curves. Three kinds of  ▫An r-strategist is generally a small organism. ▫Short life span.

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