Subject-Verb Agreement interactive exercise for 3 grade. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf.


Subject-verb agreement refers to ensuring that singular subjects have singular verbs, and plural subjects have plural verbs. This is called agreement in number,  

There will have been lots of people at the party so you'll need to tidy the room in the morning. Subjects and Verbs agreement is a must for any sentence. Remember That The (Subject–Verb Agreement) Rules. If the subject is singular, the verb must be singular too. If the subject is plural, the verb must also be plural.

Subject verb agreement

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… When there is one subject and more than one verb, the verbs throughout the sentence must agree with the subject. Subject verb agreement is a structure where the verb is similar to the subject in terms of figure. There are certain rules to use the subject and verb in a sentence in a number of ways. All these rules are explained here with the help of examples. Subject-Verb Agreement Multiple Choice Quiz.

The Gregg Reference Manual provides excellent explanations of subject-verb agreement (section 10: 1001). 11. Expressions such as with, together with, including, accompanied by, in addition to, or as well do not change the number of the subject. If the subject is singular, the verb is too.

Worksheet #1 Worksheet #2 Worksheet #3 "Someone" and "Anyone" Take Singular Verbs. The indefinite pronouns"anyone," "each," "everyone," … A singular subject goes with a singular verb.

Subject-Verb and Agreement An important Lecture for the students.

Subject verb agreement

2. Either my mother or my father (is, are) coming to the meeting.

These worksheets offer all means of grammar support and reinforcement for first through fifth graders. EL students will also benefit from practice with these worksheets. Subject-verb agreement worksheets. The subject and verb of a sentence must both be singular or both be plural. In these worksheets, students select the form of the verb that agrees with the subject of the sentence.
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Problem. In most academic writing, corresponding subjects and verbs are expected to “agree” with each other in person  Why does "she don't" sound wrong, but "she doesn't" sounds fine? It has to do with subject-verb agreement. Learn all about this important grammatical  Plural. Subject and Verb Agreement.

The rules can be confusing when it comes to subject verb agreement. Sentence basics subject predicate and objects verb who what compound subjects  The following sentences all contain an agreement error. Find the subject/s and the verb and check whether they agree with one another in number (singular or  Vi jobbar med Subject -Verb Agreement. Eleverna svarar på frågorna Check Subject-Verb Agreement (write all verbs in bold).
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In Swedish this grammatical difficulty does  This is called the verb-subject agreement or concord: . . He hates being in the hospital. (Third person individual theme – hate) The audience remained silent and  av M Lindelöf · 2012 — Persons with Swedish as their first language often find it hard to learn subject-verb agreement when studying English.